A day on the lake–in a floating sauna

Imagine spending a day on the water in your own floating, multi-level sauna. This group of friends in Joensuu, Finland did more than imaging it–they built it. The 3 story raft has en eclectic look and includes a fully functional sauna. There’s plenty of deck space for grilling or sunbathing, and riders can take a dip by diving off any of the 3 stories. Best of all, the builders aren’t keeping it to themselves; it’s available for rent so others can experience it themselves.

Saunaletta Facebook Page


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Quick and easy tablet stand.

In honor of my friend Joe’s latest ShanksFX episode on Thrift Shop Gold, I thought I’d share a little trick I’ve been using for years that re-purposes something you can find pretty easily at thrift shops and surplus stores: A tablet stand from a metal bookend.

The process is incredibly simple, first, get bookend:


Second, bend the part of the bookend that goes under the books, like so:


Lastly, use it as your new (and stupidly cheap) tablet stand!


You could also use it as a book display too!

Check out the latest episode of ShanksFX:

And don’t forget to check out the music by Big Fok, featured in every episode here

Treehouse in the middle of Atlanta


Next month I’ll be going to Atlanta for a music festival with my girlfriend. While we were looking for accommodations on Airbnb, I came across this really cool treehouse located pretty centrally in the city. If we’d be spending more time at the actual place we’re staying, I’d be seriously tempted to rent this place. There is a bedroom and separate living room just a short walk across the bridge. I really like the rustic look they’ve managed to acheive & I really wish I had this thing in my backyard!

From the listing:

Suite of 3 connected treehouses set in the secluded intown neighborhood of Buckhead. The living room, bedroom and deck are all beautifully furnished with antiques and natural artifacts. We’re nestled amongst towering trees yet minutes from midtown Atlanta. Wine and breakfast included. Truly Unique!

The Space
Centrally located within the heart of intown Atlanta, this is a secluded gem. The subject of numerous TV and magazine features, this may be the most romantic, unique, dreamy and fun place you’ll ever stay. Fall asleep in the trees and wake up to the birds singing around you!

Living Room: Antique furnishings including 80 year old butterfly-filled windows, 12-candle chandelier, and a balcony overlooking an acre of lush woods. It is the perfect place to relax.

Bedroom: Sleeps 2. The pillow-top double bed is fitted with sumptuous linens and slides out onto a platform that overlooks the stream below. A small desk, primitive side-tables, an antique birdcage, Kilim rugs, candles and fairy lights make it as comfortable as it is magical.

Deck: Circular seating and a hammock lying beneath a 150 year old Southern Short-Leaf Pine tree.

The treehouses are open to the elements but are protected by rain with tin roofs and mosquitoes by the elevation and breeze.

Guest Access
Guests will have free parking in our driveway (We highly recommend renting a car in Atlanta) and access to a private, indoor bathroom within the main house (about a 20 second walk from the treehouses).

Interaction with Guests
Upon your arrival, we will have a great bottle of wine waiting for you and will provide coffee and a light breakfast each morning.

Sounds pretty great, right? Ill definitely be keeping this place in my back pocket for a nice little getaway sometime.

See the listing here.

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The V8 Hotel: A gearhead’s dream


Have you bought your ticket yet?

The V8 Hotel

V8 Hotel im Meilenwerk Stuttgart
V8 Hotel- Automotive Themed Hotel in Stuttgart 2
V8 Hotel- Automotive Themed Hotel in Stuttgart 4
V8 Hotel- Automotive Themed Hotel in Stuttgart 5
V8 Hotel- Automotive Themed Hotel in Stuttgart 6
V8 Hotel- Automotive Themed Hotel in Stuttgart 8

Ponysaurus Beer, Durham NC

Right here in my own back yard!

ponysaurus-beer-1.jpgWhen choosing a mascot that’s a dinosaur with the lower body of a pony, you’re setting the bar high for crafting a beer that will be just as memorable in taste. Started last year by Keil Jansen (who quit his job as a special education teacher to take his home-brewing hobby to the next level), Ponysaurus Brewery indeed lives up to the challenge. Jansen is joined by David Baldwin (of Raleigh-based Baldwin&), who created the intriguing design for the bottles, and Nick Johnson, who heads up The Cookery—a unique commercial space for food entrepreneurs in Durham, where Ponysaurus brews out of its one-and-a-half-barrel system.

ponysaurus-beer-2.jpg“There is a certain tension within the entire Ponysaurus design, where we are trying to balance a sense of the absurd and fantastical with the fact that we are dead serious about making the best beer,” Jansen tells CH. “The combination of ‘old-timey’ details, for example the style of the Ponysaurus drawing that invokes old medical or biology textbooks with the fact that the drawing itself is of a half-pony, half-dinosaur is an excellent shorthand for what we wanted to achieve.”

Because Ponysaurus is a nanobrewery, Jansen can get creative without too much of a financial risk, and can pay close attention to the quality of each batch. The downside is for customers; the small batches that are produced can sell out within the course of just a few days. We waited quite a while to get our hands on some bottles, but it was worth it. Their most recent offering, Bière de Garde Ale (or “beer for keeping”), is an homage to the traditional French farmhouse ales that were higher in alcohol content; they kept longer in the barrel than their low-alcohol counterparts. Thus, Bière de Garde was brought out for special occasions. Evoking the farm by using three types of barley, wheat, rye and oats, this well-rounded ale isn’t a fair-weather friend. With a strong finish, the flavor remains; the wheat flavor is bold but not overbearing. It makes for a perfect summer ale, especially with flourishing notes of apple, pear, almond and vanilla.

To view a full list of their offerings as well as their stockists (currently only in Raleigh and Durham), visit the Ponysaurus Beer website.


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Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle

Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 00

By far one of the strangest looking electric motorcycles I’ve seen, the Johammer J1 looks like it belongs in a sci fi movie. Built by Johann Hammerschmid and a small team of engineers, the J1 does away with traditional motorcycle design. The electric motor is integrated into the rear wheel, while the front wheel utilizes hub-center steering coupled to a double wishbone suspension. The mirrors include a hi-res display that shows speed and various other info. The bike will set you back $31k or $34,500 depending on the size of the battery pack you choose.



Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 1
Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 2
Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 3
Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 4
Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 5
Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle 6

Recipes with Whiskey

Just when I’m in the middle of trying to primarily eat fruits and veggies all week, Cool Material goes and posts this:

Whiskey isn’t just for sipping after a long day at the office. If you want to incorporate more of it into your day (who wouldn’t?), consider getting creative and adding a bit to your cooking. Before you just go an pour it on your breakfast cereal (might be a sign you have a problem), check out some of the best recipes from around the web that use a bit of the good stuff.

Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Whiskey Cream Sauce

You could give us a bowl of gnocchi with nothing on top, and we’d still lay waste to them in a jiffy. This butternut squash version gets drenched in a whiskey cream sauce that you’ll want to slather on all your food. Recipe

Slow Cooker Whiskey BBQ Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches

You don’t need to live in Philly to get a great steak sandwich, if you display a little patience, you can be rewarded with this beauty. The sauce is a combo of whiskey, sriracha, and other sorts of deliciousness. Let it go in the slow cooker while you’re at the office, and dinner will make 5 o’clock a blessing. Recipe

Glazed Maple Bourbon Bacon

No need to whip up a grand feast, a nice little bacon-y snack can get a boost from some bourbon as well. This recipe couldn’t be easier and we dare say it actually makes bacon taste better. Blasphemous but true.  Recipe

Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders

The bbq sauce in this recipe gets a nice addition from the oak and vanilla notes in some whiskey. It’s way to amp up the standard miniature burger and one you’ll want to do for your next gathering. Recipe

Chocolate, Whiskey & Bacon Chilli

Chilli is just one of those dishes we gravitate to on a cold day. It’s hearty and masculine. This version gets the added benefits of booze and chocolate. Nothing to complain about. Recipe

Smoked Spicy Bourbon Maple Almonds

Want to elevate your bar snacks to another level? Consider cooking up a batch of these almonds to serve up the next time the game is on. They’ve got some spice from the cayenne and some sweetness from the bourbon and brown sugar, and they’re about a billion times better than standard, dry almonds. Recipe

Whiskey Glazed Ribs

This is the perfect dish for the Ron Swanson in all of us. Slather a rack of ribs in a whiskey glaze made from booze, brown sugar, mustard, and some other ingredients, and you’ll be left licking your fingers dry and potentially trying to eat them. Recipe

Baby Chicken with Soy-Whiskey Glaze & Sticky Rice Stuffing

Feel free to break out some good Japanese whiskey to use with this Asian-inspired dish. Even though the soy-whiskey glaze bring so much flavor to the dish, the sticky rice stuffing is where it’s at. Recipe

Dark Chocolate, Whiskey and Orange Ice Cream

Don’t be scared off by the tofu in this recipe (yes, tofu), this ice cream is damn tasty and damn boozy. The little orange will remind you a little of having a chocolate version of an Old Fashioned. Recipe

Bourbon BBQ Baked Beans

Want to kick-start your beans this summer and impress everyone at your coming barbecues or camping trips? Try this recipe which adds a bit of bourbon to the mix. It adds a tang and warming quality to your traditional side dish. Recipe

Whiskey Sirloin Steak and Cranberries

Whiskey makes a great marinade for tenderizing and juicing up some beef. Here the final product also gets added flavor from some cranberries. Recipe

Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Baked Chicken Wings

Don’t be put off by the fact that this sounds like it was ripped from a TGI Fridays menu, these wings will win over some fans when you toss a bowl out. They use the honey-flavored whiskey JD makes to give the wings a nice sweet character. Just load up on napkins. Recipe

Whiskey Mussels en Pappillote

En papillote is a cooking method more guys should employ. Basically, you’re cooking your main (usually fish or other seafood) in a parchment bag or parcel you fold along with the added seasonings and flavor agents. Here these mussels get put in the bag with whiskey and other goodies to infuse them with some flavor. Recipe

Irish Soda Bread Scones with Salted Whiskey Butter

It’s time to replace your standard butter with Salted Whiskey Butter. While obviously tremendous on these Irish Soda Bread Scones, the butter should become a fridge staple to use on many things. Recipe

Whiskey Glazed Corned Beef

The corned beef in this recipe gets so tender that it’s mouth-watering even without the whiskey glaze. Still, you’re going to want a thick slathering of the sticky sweet glaze whether you have this on St. Patrick’s Day or just a random weeknight. Recipe


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