Toyota based Amphicruiser is awesome (and slow in water)


A day on the lake–in a floating sauna

Imagine spending a day on the water in your own floating, multi-level sauna. This group of friends in Joensuu, Finland did more than imaging it–they built it. The 3 story raft has en eclectic look and includes a fully functional sauna. There’s plenty of deck space for grilling or sunbathing, and riders can take a dip by diving off any of the 3 stories. Best of all, the builders aren’t keeping it to themselves; it’s available for rent so others can experience it themselves.

Saunaletta Facebook Page


from My Modern Met

Quick and easy tablet stand.

In honor of my friend Joe’s latest ShanksFX episode on Thrift Shop Gold, I thought I’d share a little trick I’ve been using for years that re-purposes something you can find pretty easily at thrift shops and surplus stores: A tablet stand from a metal bookend.

The process is incredibly simple, first, get bookend:


Second, bend the part of the bookend that goes under the books, like so:


Lastly, use it as your new (and stupidly cheap) tablet stand!


You could also use it as a book display too!

Check out the latest episode of ShanksFX:

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