Travelmate all in one utensil kit


Sporks are great for what they do. The hobo knife is a step up, but it’s also limited in its functionality. If you’re a serious outdoorsman, or you just want a really cool all in one eating utensil, you need to check out the Travelmate from Buck Knives. The Travelmate is built on three parts: an antimicrobial, injection molded sheath, a detachable fork and a 4.87″ blade knife with dishwasher-safe Paperstone handle. In addition to being useful for delivering your food into your mouth, the fork also works as a bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver and grill scraper. The real magic of the Travelmate is in the 410HC stainless steel knife. The almost 10″ long knife is good for cutting, but it’s designed in such a way that it’s also good for spreading butter or cheese and, more importantly, for use as a spatula. That means you can flip burgers or toast, shovel eggs and scrape bowls or pans–without a separate utensil.


from Cool Material

1975 Pinzgauer 710K

I’ve never see one of these things before, but it look like a pretty badass off-road van. Apparently the hardtop version of the 710k is pretty rare, and this one looks to be in excellent shape. The rig has sealed differential lockers in the front and rear, portal axles for extra clearance and an air-cooled 4 cylinder 87hp gasoline engine that can travel at speeds up to 68mph (so, no, it isn’t that fast, but are you really gonna be driving something like this on the highway that much?) This thing could make a nice little offroad camper with a few interior modifications.

For sale on eBay in Dumont, Colorado with no reserve.

from Bring A Trailer

The Beer Moth


The Beer Moth is a unique accommodation in the Scottish countryside, it lives on the Inshriach House grounds, and is one of three unusual holiday options out in the woods around the property. The Beer Moth, is a restored 1954 Commer fire Service truck converted into luxurious camping for two, and can be moved around the estate. It features a tiny kitchen, oak parquet floor, a wood-burning stove, a Victorian double bed, and a side panel that rolls up offering amazing views of the surrounding natural beauty. If you find yourself in Scotland you can book a stay on the cosy Beer Moth through Canopy & Stars.


DUB BOX Camper Trailers

DUB BOX Camper Trailers

Volkswagen buses were perfect for getting high, having a party, and taking a road trip to wherever to hear whatever hippie band play for three hours. Although original VW buses are hard to find, bringing back the magic is easy with any of the DUB BOX Camper Trailers ($9,000+). Built to order in Oregon from fiberglass, DUB BOX Campers are are custom fitted with a sink, fridge, stereo and speakers, LED lighting and other road-trip necessities, all done to match the Volkswagen brand’s familiar retro styling.

from GearMoose

The Road Shower

As someone who frequently takes roadtrips that mostly involve camping and/or sleeping in the car itself, I can certainly appreciate this little invention–so simple that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it (tho I’m not thinking of putting this old camper water tank I’ve got laying around to some good use now…) The road shower is basically a water tank that you mount to your roof rack, you then pressurize the tank with any gas station or at home air compressor to feed water through the attached hose and shower head (or garden hose spray nozzle?) –and voila! You’ve got yourself a mobile shower for the road, or a mobile hose for cleaning dirt and grime off whatever equipment you use for your adventures. The water is heated via solar, tho I’m not sure how well that would work in colder temperatures….



All this can be yours for around $230! Head on over to their website and check it out.

Road Shower